Altarpiece to Family

As viewers walked down the narrow hallway, they initially saw a thin trail of slides. This lead to the altarpiece, a fusion of old family photographs. This work was inspired by time spent at my Great Grandmother’s small Baltimore apartment. Every inch covered in family photographs and newspaper.  As a child I could not sit down without being intrigued by a photo album or a precious old photograph from my ancestors village in Jlubin, Russia. It was chaotic, but not messy. It organized in a beautifully usual way. A place of both remembrance and nostalgia.

In this piece I used transparency to highlight presence of the my families history in my life, but absences of this time.  Photographs are arranged methodically. A a child’s photograph over their mother’s a photograph. A photo from teenage years placed over a later photograph of that same young woman holding her child.

The last piece of this alter (bottom center) incorporated photos of my past. This was done in an usual way. Using a old slide viewer and blank slides I attached my photographs to the slides.  I aimed to show the kinship between past and present.


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