What is the present moment?

This sound piece of artwork was inspired by Nelson Mandela. For this piece I wanted to capture and tell the story of how individuals describe the present moment. Before creating the piece for my audio visual course, I decided to ask individuals in the area what the present moment meant to them. Many individuals graciously agreed to participate and I received a variety answers.  Following Mandela’s passing in 2013, I wanted to capture somehow how the world felt in this present moment in time. Inspiration from newspaper headlines across the globe make this difficult task possible. In this audio piece headlines as well latitude and longitude coordinates are read that correspond the origin of the headlines. All of the headlines gave news of Mandela’s passing as the world reacted to this present moment simultaneously. Additionally, the rhythm of this audio piece is slow and methodical. It gives the sense of a meditation, a significant tool used to reflect and focus on the present moment. There a lot going on in this piece however, I decided to include on more thing. Throughout the piece you can hear a hand clap game taking place. While may seem confusing at first it represents something significant to the future of South Africa, its youth.

The images bellow the recording illustrate my thought process for this project.



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